Muskoka Cottage Designs Document Your Dreams

muskoka cottage designs

If you are one of a number of people who dream of having their own vacation cottage, one of your first concerns will be how your cottage will look like. You would probably search for ideas among many available Muskoka cottage designs that you can find in catalogs as well as in the internet. After all, there are many builders and architects who sell off the shelf Muskoka cottage designs online. But there are more aspects you need to consider when you finally decide to put your dream vacation home on paper.

First thing is the location. If you have secured a plot of land where you want your vacation home to be built, make sure the builders or architects you make inquiries with know where it is. It would also be helpful to show them a map showing the location and the size of the plot. That way seasoned architects and builders can advise you if any aspect of your dream home should fail to meet local and national building codes. Professional architects and engineers will also be aware of zoning regulations they need to follow when drafting your cottage in the woods.

If you want have your Muskoka cottage plan developed from scratch, you will have to provide the designers as much information as possible about the features that you want. It is their job to point out anything that would fail building codes or result in excessively high building costs. The final plan should be as close to your requirements as possible while meeting building regulations and practical sense.

If find an off the shelf Muskoka cottage plan which meet your requirements, you should get an assurance in writing that the design meets or exceeds the requirements of the Ontario Building Code as promulgated by the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. The advantages of using readymade designs are that they are cheaper than custom-made designs and most likely already used in existing structures. There are some architectural companies which allow customization of portions of an existing design at an additional cost.

While you are shopping around for designs, you may want to consider asking for construction estimates. Many builders use standard costing per square foot depending upon the type of structure and the location of the construction site. This will help rationalize the features of your dream vacation cottage so it still meets your available budget. But always allow a reserve of not less than 10% for any unforeseen changes that may occur during the construction phase.

When working with designers, make sure every requirement is clearly communicated, if possible in writing; this step is required to avoid costly change orders during construction. It takes real effort to finalize the details of a cottage plan, but it will save you a lot of money in the end.

Once dream cottage’s features are formally documented in building plan, all you need to do is find a few reputable builders to provide you their quotations. The next challenge is managing construction – but you can easily do that by using your Muskoka cottage plan as your work guide.

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Garage Doors NJ – Watch out for these simple mistakes when doing replacements

Modern life moves so fast that it can be hard to make time to take care of simple home maintenance tasks. We often find ourselves procrastinating when it comes to replacing dead light bulbs, clearing out the gutters or finally getting around to callinga garage repair shop about fixing that wonky door that never quite shuts all the way.

When it comes to replacing garage doors NJ is a fine place for it. With so many commuter towns there are no shortage of garage doors and, as a result, no shortage of garage door repair firms. Flip through the phone book or head online to figure out who to call. But when you do, there are a few simple tips to bear in mind that will make buying or replacing your garage door the easiest thing in New Jersey since hitting the beach.

garage doors nj

The first thing you’ve got to remember is to budget properly. Contractors may provide estimates but cost overruns happen. Shop around online to get a sense for what a new garage door costs in your part of New Jersey. Make sure you have enough money saved up for a high average cost, plus maybe 15% extra for any cost overruns. Accidents do happen. Also consider setting a bit of money aside to tip the workers who come to install the door – they may not be used to tips so they’re sure to be grateful!

Once you’ve set out a budget, the next step is to find the right garage doors NJ repair shop. Depending on where you are in New Jersey, garage repair service may be just around the corner or way on the other end of town. Take a trip to their store front and size up the operation. Is it reputable? Do they seem trustworthy? You don’t want someone messing up the installation. Make sure to bring the measurements and specifications for your garage door frame with you.  You can also get tips to safer and reliable installation from Doors & Access Systems Manufacturers Association.

Once you’ve found the right shop, take a look at their available models. It can be helpful to look online ahead of time to get a sense of what you’re looking for, one good site to visit is In choosing a garage door it is important to pay attention to both aesthetic and practical considerations. Remember that this is a purchase that will stay with you for decades. Don’t make any hasty decisions. Sometimes it is possible to become impatient with the process and end up swayed by novelty garage door openers or sweet talked by some silver-tongued salesman.

Keep your requirements firmly in mind and schedule a time for the installation.
This leads us to our final and most important tip: be sure to home at the agreed upon time. You wouldn’t believe how often people all over New Jersey set up an appointment to have the garage repair man come by, only to forget about it and head out to run some errands. Missing your appointment can end up costing you money and delay this important repair!

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Upholstery Supplies Online – A Smarter Alternative

range of upholstery supplies available online

There are many good reasons why shopping for upholstery supplies online is a much smarter alternative to trip to a brick and mortar store.  While most people are aware of the great convenience offered by online shopping, there is much more to be gained by browsing through an online store.


If you visit the online shopping portal of established upholstery supply companies such as you will find there are sections containing a wide range of upholstery supplies available online.  At the website there will be sections containing supply of upholstery and furniture components such as decorative nails, decorative legs, foams, pillow inserts, fiber filling, textiles, adhesives, padding material, and much more.  There will also be separate sections that show upholstery tools and equipment for sale.  All of the supplies you can think of ever using available to view and order through the comfort of your own home.  Each of the items on display not only has a photo showing what it looks like; there are also descriptions of what it is and what it is used for. Those reasons should be sufficient enough but there is much more.


Some online stores have discussion boards which allow people in the upholstery industry to help each other out with technical issues.  DIY enthusiasts doing upholstery on their own can even ask for help from upholstery experts.  And as in most discussion boards, the pros and cons of upholstery products, tools, equipment and techniques are discussed.  The discussion boards allow members of professional organizations such as the American Home Furnishings Alliance to exchange ideas and share expertise with one another.  Such forums also provide a means for suppliers of upholstery supplies to interact with upholsterers and furniture manufacturers.


A few online upholstery stores offer books and CD’s about upholstery techniques.  This is a good way for upholstery professionals to upgrade their skills and capabilities or even compare them with other companies in the same line of business.  As a service to their clients, some online stores also have upholstery-related classifieds where people in the business may offer products and services to each other, and hopefully to any other visitors of the site. Visitors browsing online upholstery supply companies get to keep abreast of the latest trends in design.  They get exposed to new and improved upholstery tools and equipment being offered for sale.


While many clerks at physical stores can be helpful, there are times when they can be pushy and sway the decision of the buyer one way or the other.  One other advantage of shopping online which is seldom discussed is that the buyer gets to decide what he wants to purchase on his own – he is not influenced by sweet talking sales people.  An online shopper also has tighter control of his expenditure as the shopping cart total is always displayed.  And there is no undue pressure to make a purchase – there is no salesman hovering over your shoulder!


When shopping for upholstery supplies, consider browsing an online store – it is a smarter way to shop.

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Commercial Plumbing Toronto Compared To Home Plumbing

best commercial emergency plumbers toronto

There are lots of plumbing sites you’ll find in the internet.  Most of them are meant to discuss home plumbing requirements, because that is what most of us need.  Some provide DIY instructions and some provide reviews of products and service providers.  But what really separates home plumbing from commercial plumbing?

In most cases, single home plumbing differ from commercial plumbing Toronto in terms of scale.  Commercial plumbing generally deal with bigger equipment and more extensive installations.  That is not to say that all commercial plumbing requirements are the same.  Different types of commercial applications require different types of plumbing; a restaurant would need different piping installations from a gas station or a mall.   Equipments they deal with are also larger; boilers for example are lots bigger, sewer and industrial pipes and tanks are also very much larger than anything you can find in homes.

Although home plumbing are subject to local and national codes, stringent testing and inspection, commercial plumbing is held to a higher standard.  This is especially true of commercial plumbing installed in industrial complexes.  Food manufacturing for example would have very different but as stringent requirements on plumbing as ones installed on a pharmaceutical company.  The required safety precautions on both will be more stringent than any requirement for home plumbing.

Materials used for commercial plumbing are usually tested, inspected and approved for a higher standard than equivalent home.  The best plumbers Toronto can work in both residential and commercial plumbing.

Commercial plumbers work to stricter requirements especially with regard to downtimes and completion dates or times.  In a commercial setting time is money.  That means shut downs to allow any type of work, including plumbing, are minimized.  Any plumbing work is also carefully scheduled to minimize disruption to business operations.  Many contracts with plumbing service providers will specify penalties for late completion of work.  On the other hand, the same contract may offer bonuses for early completion.

Toronto plumbers usually undertake a few emergency residential plumbing repairs in a month.  Most of their work involves loosely scheduled nine to five work.  In contrast, people involved in commercial plumbing are constantly under pressure.  Some commercial plumbers are on standby even when they have clocked out, and they normally work longer hours.  Many commercial plumbers work on shifts to cover 24 hours a day.  In terms of work schedule commercial plumbers usually work as much if not more than Toronto emergency plumbers.

Work on residential plumbing usually only has to pass city or municipal building inspector’s standards.  Commercial plumbing is so highly specialized that there is almost no limit to the complexity of test, inspection and quality assurance procedures they would require.  Commercial plumbing, after all, covers anything from the piping requirements of pop and mom stores to that of a space rocket;  from the very simplest of installations to those literally involving rocket science!

So how different are the job scopes of residential and commercial plumbers?  It may be equivalent to the difference between night and day if you ask me.  But if you need plumbers for any type of residential pipe repairs, you can easily source a reliable one through The Mechanical Contractors Association of Toronto.

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